Service Level Agreement

23 May 2018

  1. Introduction

    1. dxw digital has created this Service Level Agreement to define the minimum standard of responsiveness that clients can expect from us when using dxw digital’s helpdesk.

    2. The responsiveness targets given in this agreement are maximal. dxw digital will make best endeavours to respond to all issues as quickly as possible, notwithstanding the requirements of this agreement.

  2. Priority

    1. There are four levels of priority that apply to tickets, as described below.

    2. A ticket’s priority is set by dxw digital, based on our understanding of the impact and importance of the problem.

    3. Clients are requested to describe the problem and its impact as clearly as possible, in order to allow us to set priority appropriately.

    4. Tickets are set to Normal priority as a matter of course on receipt.

    5. Tickets sent to support-emergency@dxw.com are set to Urgent priority on receipt.

    6. The receipt of an Urgent ticket will result in the immediate alerting of on-call members of staff, no matter the time of day.

    7. Please do not create Urgent tickets unless you are experiencing a genuine emergency, as defined below.

    8. Use of the emergency support address may be withdrawn from clients who use it to submit tickets in situations that do not constitute an emergency.

    9. References to “working” days, hours or minutes refer to dxw digital’s working hours of 10:00-18:00 Monday-Friday, excluding bank holidays.

    10. The “enhanced” response times apply to tickets raised by customers on our Managed Plus plan.

  3. Urgent tickets

    1. Tickets are Urgent if:

      1. The problem they describe relates to a production system which is completely unavailable, or whose performance is so poor as to render the service unusable;
      2. A production system may have been compromised by an attacker and that the suspected attack or its impact is ongoing.
    2. Urgent tickets must receive a first reply within 1 hour (standard) or 30 minutes (enhanced), at any time of the day or night.

    3. Tickets created by emailing support-emergency@dxw.com are automatically marked as urgent.

  4. High priority tickets

    1. Tickets are high priority if:

      1. The problem they describe relates to a production system which has stopped performing adequately; and
      2. That loss in performance is resulting in a serious reduction in the usability or usefulness of the hosted service.
    2. “Performance” in this context does not exclusively refer to the speed of response. It also refers to the correctness of responses. For example, if an important feature of a site is responsive but has ceased to work correctly, that is also a loss in performance.

    3. High priority tickets must receive a first reply within 1 working hour (standard) or 30 working minutes (enhanced).

  5. Normal priority tickets

    1. Tickets are normal priority if they are not low priority, urgent or critical.

    2. Normal priority tickets must receive a first reply within 8 working hours (standard) or 4 working hours (enhanced).

  6. Low priority

    1. Tickets are low priority if they are:

      1. Background requests for information or offhand enquiries;
      2. Requests for work where a delay has little or no impact on service.
    2. Low priority tickets must receive initial and subsequent replies within 5 business days.